HQD Cuvie Bar Disposable Device Lush Ice – 7000 Puffs

HQD Cuvie Bar is a revolutionary disposable vape pod that lasts up to 7000 puffs. Featuring a rechargeable USB-C 550mAh battery, 18mL of exquisite e-liquid and an amazingly rich flavor, it’s easy to carry around, convenient to use, and produces a massive amount of vapor.

Sweet tangy notes soak your tongue and sooth your thirst. Then comes a touch of refreshing ice to leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated.


HQD Cuvie Bar Lush Ice features the refreshing taste of sweet watermelon and a cool mint flavor. This 1200 puff disposable vape pod delivers the satisfying taste of summer that you can enjoy all day long.

On the inhale, a blast of artic splendor floods your palate with crisp notes of juicy watermelons. These luscious melon notes tease every taste bud and make your mouth quiver with delight. As you exhale, the icy menthol takes over and cools your tongue. You feel refreshed, restored, and revitalized with each and every puff.

Mango Watermelon Flavor: The fusion of succulent mangoes and bright red watermelons make this classic fruity sensation stand out from the crowd. This is a must-try for anyone who loves fruity flavors.


HQD’s Cuvie Bar is the latest addition to their disposable vape pod lineup. This sleek, pocket-friendly device features a rechargeable USB-C 550mAh integrated battery and 18ml of premium nicotine salt e-liquid that provides up to 7000 puffs.

When you inhale this flavor, a fruit-filled blast smacks every taste bud with all sorts of unique juiciness. First, succulent strawberries soak your tongue with their sweet flavor. Next, blue raspberries tease your taste buds with their tanginess, then pure sugar satiates your sweet tooth on the exhale.

HQD’s Sky Mint is the perfect balance of minty and menthol flavor that will stop cravings in their tracks. Each inhale delivers a brisk, fresh breeze of mint that cleanses your mouth. Then, the cooling menthol flavor takes over and soothes your throat until you’re ready for your next draw. This is a delicious flavor that any vaper will enjoy.


This HQD Cuvie Bar is a powerful disposable vape that comes in an assortment of flavors to satisfy your taste buds. It has a great capacity, providing more than 7000 puffs, and its battery is rechargeable. It’s also easy to use.

This e-juice delivers the refreshingly cool sensation of crisp mint, which complements the sweet, juicy melon flavor. It’s a perfect all-day-vape.

HQD Cuvie Bar Lush Ice delivers the mouth-watering fruity blend of lush watermelons and refreshing mint. Inhale the sweet and fresh flavor of sliced watermelon covered in sugar crystals. On the exhale, cool minty notes complement the melon sweetness to give you the ultimate flavor.

Mango Watermelon is a classic fruity sensation that combines succulent mangoes and bright red watermelons for a rich, satisfying flavor that will have you coming back for more. Every inhale seduces your taste buds with the bright tang of these two fruits, as their juicy flavor oozes over your tongue and satisfies every craving.


If you enjoy fresh fruits and refreshing cool flavors, you’ll love HQD Cuvie Bar. This disposable device comes pre-filled with a high-quality, flavorful vape juice that provides a smooth and satisfying experience. This portable and convenient device offers a sleek design and is easy to use.

HQD Cuvie Bar Lush Ice is the perfect fruity flavor for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth. This delicious blend of succulent mangoes and juicy watermelons will captivate your taste buds with its sweet and sugary flavors.

This mouthwatering flavor also includes icy notes of mint that create a cooling sensation. On the inhale, the crisp notes of the watermelon tease your tongue with its juiciness and sweetness, leaving you feeling refreshed and satisfied. On the exhale, a blast of icy menthol floods your taste buds and leaves you feeling a rush of calmness. This is the ultimate summer vape.